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May 13, 2017

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May 2, 2018

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The Babadook @ Felix's ATL: Rocky The Mermaid's Alternative Art


The Babadook’s Lesson: You Can’t Drown a Mermaid

Entertainer Spotlight – Rocky The Mermaid



                Earlier this month Rocky the Mermaid performed with us for our first F*cked Up Friday show. This show encourages entertainers to bring their art to the stage for their first performance, and follows that with an audience requested performance by each act in the show cast. In honor of Pride Month and the surprising coronation of the Babadook as the dark king of gay pride earlier this summer, Rocky decided to interpret the pop culture craze in her number for our June 9th show. You can watch it below!


                This amazing performance left some to wonder, where does this creative spark come from? Rocky was able to quickly create a relevant and exciting take on the current Babadook craze that won over the crowd. When asked, Rocky stated that she identified with the movie on a very intimate level. As the movie spends much of it’s plot centered around the mental state of a single mother in grief over her dead husband, the depression and pain expressed is something Rocky has dealt with in her life.

                Through the formulation of her drag persona, Rocky has been able to overcome some tough life changes. While admittedly blessed in many ways, Rocky noted that everyone can relate to some form of mental anguish during their life. She felt that it is important to have something to keep you strong during tough times. For Rocky, not only is drag a creative outlet, but a reminder of how to cope with life.

                Rocky’s advice for all our LGBTQIA+ companions during pride month, is that there is no way to be defeated in your own element. Much like the Babadook seems to be invincible in the movie, he only exists in strength when allowed to be strengthened by his environment. For Rocky, this mantra manifests in on simple sentence, ‘You can’t drown a mermaid.’

                We here at Felix’s hope you enjoy Rocky’s creativity and advice. No matter what you are going through, where you have come from, or where you are going, take time to remember who you are. Happy pride month!


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