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Name: Casey D.

Birthday: 8/7

Home Town: Northern GA

What They Do: Bartender and Manager

Interesting Fact: I started school to be a theater teacher.

Favorite Food: Ethiopian Cuisine

Favorite  Color: Blue

Favorite Musician: Gavin Degraw

Name: Chris Wallace

Birthday: 5/22

Home Town: Honolulu, HI

What They Do: Bartender, Fundraiser and Events Extraordinaire

Interesting Fact: (Inquire within)

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite  Color: Green/Blue

Favorite Musician: Beyonce

Name: Tony W.

Birthday: 6/8

Home Town: Baltimore, MD

What They Do: Bartender

Interesting Fact: Addiction of white rice and I hate musicals!

Favorite Food: White Rice

Favorite  Color: Night Hawk Black Pearl

Favorite Musician: Janet Jackson

Name: Joseph Collazo

Birthday: 2/5

Home Town: Jackson, GA

What They Do: Head Security , Bartender

Interesting Fact: Power Bottom Record Holder 2014 & 2017

Favorite Food: Mountain Oysters

Favorite  Color: Tur-Kwais

Favorite Musician: Darlene

Name: Perren Leatherwood

Birthday: 2/23

Home Town: Rockmart, GA

What They Do: Bartender

Interesting Fact: I think everything.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite  Color: Green

Favorite Musician: Steve Grand

Name: Sean P. (Mama)

Birthday: 11/06

Home Town: A Galaxy Far Far Away

What They Do: Bartender, Barback and Security

Interesting Fact: I read tarot and astrology

Favorite Food: Seafood!

Favorite  Color: Gold

Favorite Musician: Lady Gaga

Name: Trace

Birthday: One 6/15

Home Town: Binghamton, NY

What They Do: Bartender and Barback

Interesting Fact: I studied abroad in Germany and served Sir Patrick Stewart morning coffee.

Favorite Food: Thai and Vietnamese.

Favorite  Color: Green.

Favorite Musician: Anything and everything 80's.

Name: Darlene M. (Diva Darlene)

Birthday: 4/27

Home Town: Brooklyn, NY

What They Do: DJ and Karaoke Maven

Interesting Fact: I traveled with Jimmy James, yes I did.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite  Color: Orange

Favorite Musician: Kenny Loggins

Name: DJ King Atlas

Birthday: never had one

Home Town: Name City, Name State

What They Do: DJ and causes rushes

Interesting Fact: You love it.

Favorite Food: mmmm

Favorite  Color: Depends on the music.

Favorite Musician: There's a lot.

Name: DJ Bill Berdeaux

Birthday: 4/29

Home Town: Highland Home, AL

What They Do: Music Programming and DJ

Interesting Fact: Studied Music at the University of Backstreet Atlanta

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite  Color: Purple

Favorite Musician: Will always be Madonna.

Name: Brian W

Birthday: ask one more time

Home Town: Carrollton, GA

What They Do: Security

Interesting Fact: I do good hair.

Favorite Food: don't get me started...

Favorite  Color: Blue

Favorite Musician: You'll know.